Our passion is to bring simple, quality ingredients together, complemented by exceptional service, and give you the opportunity to discover authentic Japanese cuisine in the heart of Downtown Calgary.



The father of two children and husband to my beautiful wife, my passion for food began as a child watching my parents run a successful restaurant. 18 years later, I’ve encountered many mentors; however, my parents remain my number one inspiration.

Even as a child, I realized that good food and great service has the power to make people happy, and that is my vision for ke Charcoal. I want to share my passion and my unique take on Japanese cuisine, and use it to entertain our eclectic group of customers.

For first-timers to ke Charcoal, I recommend our Yakitori special. With the smoke from our charcoal grill and the succulent oils that drip onto the meat, it’ll feel like you’re in the heart of Shinjuku.

Thank you for visiting ke Charcoal, and we hope to see you again.